Kuta, Lombok

On the ruggedly beautiful  south coast, lies the impressive white sandy expanse of Kuta. The beach is a perfect place to wander, at low tide, among a plethora of shells, coral, and other marine life. Accommodations range from homestays and the mid-range bracket to the luxurious Novotel, many of which line the main beach.

The people of Lombok call this pristine beach Putri Nyale. Every year, in the tenth month of the Sasak calender (February or March), the Bau Nyale ceremony is held where the local people join together at night to catch sea worms by torchlight , while eerily singing pantun (traditional poetry).
The area has been identified as a major tourism area. While it remains the base for the south coast surfing people, efforts to develop facilities here continue in order to take advantage of this remarkable place.

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